What Are the Zombie Army Games?

The Zombie Army Games is a day of “Zombie Themed” individual physical challenges and team based games.  All registered participants will have an opportunity to compete against other zombies and survivors throughout the day in the individual challenges: Zombie Obstacle Course, Hatchet toss, Crossbow Challenge, and Severed Head Toss.  Zombies who come in a group or form one at the event can also register for the team based games: zombie hunt , zombie ball, and Zombie Kickball.   As the games wind down, we will present the awards/prizes to our top competitors and light the Giant Zombie Man Bonfire.  After the awards ceremony, we will gather all of our Zombie Hunters and enter the haunted house for a few rounds of “Zombie Hunt”. The night will come to a close at 11:30 P.M. As this is a long day, we will have a vendor selling festival food and drinks, and you are welcome to bring your own drinks (coolers are allowed, but underage drinking is strictly prohibited). 

It is highly encouraged to dress as a zombie or a survivor for the day, there will be a makeup booth that can assist you for an additional fee.

All registered competitors will be willingly participating in physical activities that can lead to injury.  All participants will sign an agreement which will free the event and producers from any responsibility or liability of any and all injuries the competitor might sustain during The Zombie Army Games. 

Individual Skills Challenge

Zombie Obstacle Course

A race through 12 zombie themed obstacles and a horde of zombies awaiting each runner in the cornfield.  Each runner will be judged on time and obstacles completed.

Hatchet Toss

You are out of ammo and now it is time to check your hatchet throwing skills.  Each player gets 3 hatchets to throw at a target.

Severed Head Toss

Its like “Bozo Buckets” with severed heads!

Crossbow Challenge

When the sound of a gun will alert the zombies, you better be good with a crossbow!  Each player gets 3 shots at a target.

Team Based Games

Zombie Hunt

A team of 5 will arm themselves with our state of the art military laser tag guns (courtesy of Chicagoland Laser Tag) and compete against an opposing team for zombie kills.  There will be 5 zombies on the course wearing head sensors that will be the official scorekeeper.

Zombie Kick Ball

Who doesn’t like kick ball?



An inflatable obstacle course and slide.

Giant Zombie Man Bonfire

A 20’ wooden zombie will be ignited at the conclusion of the games and we will enjoy the remaining of the night in the company of fellow zombies and survivors.


Snacks and water will be provided; there will be vendors selling festival food (hamburgers, hot dogs, turkey legs, funnel cakes, etc.) on the premises.